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Grand Teton

So, finally the weather has broken. 82 yesterday and sun, heavy thunderstorms and rain today, snow forecast for tonight and tomorrow. This is why we packed so much gear.

In and around the Grand Teton National Park today and tomorrow. Spent this morning on the unmade trailhead roads looking for some wildlife, but nothing. Probably the thunderstorms.

Took in the views at Oxbow Bends on the Snake River, made famous by Ansel Adams. The autumn colours are still visible even though heavy winds are blowing the leaves from the trees. This is one of my favourite spots so happy to be able to take in the views again.

Decided to cut the day short because of the weather. As we headed home the rain stopped for a brief spell so we stopped at Schwabacher Landing hoping to see the beavers, but encountered this moose and her calf instead. We then saw two moose rutting in the distance, so a successful day all in all.












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