Mark Warnes Photography


Headed to The Canyon area this morning to view the Lower Falls, firstly from Artists Point, made famous by Ansel Adams and the via the 300 steps down on Uncle Toms Trail for an unparalleled view, rainbow and all of the falls. Going down was a breeze, but at 8000 ft above sea level, the steps were a different proposition.



img_1919 img_1939









Next onto Hayden Valley looking for wildlife. The Yellowstone river winds through this wide valley which is a haven for wildlife before entering Yellowstone Lake.








Winding around the lake and up through the thermal region completed the lower loop of the park.

Watched a herd of bison around Firehole drive wandering around in the plumes of thermal steam before getting stuck in Yellowstone rush hour as a bison jam halted traffic for 30 minutes as the herd crossed the road.



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